903 Broad

In 1915 this Mammoth three story frame peripteral style house with “Lake Charles” was built. It was turned into the well known Plantation Restaurant and then into another restaurant after that. After our renovations, it is now a family home with lots of stories and character. Renovated in 2006.

1705 Enterprise

One of the early stucco houses in Lake Charles. This home’s screened in porch and original wood floors make this home one of a kind. Renovated in 2008.

1030 Pujo street

This house was once used as a boarding house back in the day. It was featured on “If these walls could talk” because of hidden room upstairs that was discovered. The original wallpaper found under sheetrock in the entry parlor was sent to Bradford and Bradford Wallpaper Manufactures and their artist reproduced that exact paper, named it “Lake Charles,” and is now available for sale. Renovated in 2014.

1025 Kirby

(before and after)
Built in 1915, this house had low ceilings and “Lake Charles” columns. After our renovations, it now has 11 ft ceilings and all hardwood floors. The front two parlors have matching fireplaces and matching original chandeliers. Renovated in 2013.

623 Drew

This Queen Anne Revival Cottage from 1890 is the oldest house Rhino Rhenovators has ever renovated. The center hall makes it unique and it has symmetrically placed bays feature prominent “wagon wheel” brackets and elaborate scrollsawn ornamentation in the gable peaks. Renovated in 2006.

1018 Cleveland

This one of a kind home features wood floors, doors, and hardware that are all original. Renovated in 2012.

742 Kirby

The first home Rhino Rhenovators ever renovated is this 1920s frame camelback bungalow. Renovated 1986.

1019 Pujo street

(Before and after)
Originally located on Shell Beach drive, we moved this home to Pujo street to save it from demolition and remodeled from head to toe. Renovated in 2010.

916 Broad

This two story frame house with paneled “lake Charles” columns was built in 1915. It now features original hardwood floors and raised grain pine on all doors and trim. Renovated in 2012.

518 Division

Built in the 1890s, this home’s back half of the house was rotted and detached before our renovations. Renovated in 2010.